Enjoying a pleasant and fulfilling sexuality is very important on a physical and mental level. It is vital for one’s self-esteem and personal balance, and for a happy couple relationship. The problem of premature ejaculation can be a cause for frustration for both components of a relationship. Therefore it is necessary to know how to address this situation in healthy and effective way.

Premature ejaculation is an unwanted expulsion of semen that usually occurs prior to intercourse with the sexual partner, which is a source of deep frustration in the couple’s intimate life. Although it is an undesirable difficulty, this is a fairly common problem in 30% of the adult males. To solve it, it is important to let go of the concern and be open to deal with this problem openly.

First thing – find out!

As I said it before, if you have this problem, you should know that you are not the only one. There are many men who have gone through this situation and have overcome it with the right information. The internet can be a source of immediate and complete inquiry that can put you in reference on what you can do about it.

Talk to your partner about premature ejaculation

Silence and resignation will not get you anywhere. Do not be embarrassed to talk to your partner about this, as this also affects her as well. This is vital for both of you to seek an outlet to overcome this problem. Pay attention to what can cause an acceleration of your excitation. Maybe your partner can try to help you control it.

Start with a medical appointment

A very important step is to rule out that there is no physical problem involved. And for that there is no other way but to go with a doctor and perform all the analysis necessary to know if you are being affected by any physical dysfunction. Some urogenital infections in the back of the urethra or vascular disorders can cause this difficulty. If this is what happens, it may suffice to receive the corresponding medication.

Ask your friends

Do not close yourself to the possibility of talking about this with someone close to you. You may meet couples who have gone through this and have found a solution that can help. Sharing this will serve to relive you and have a new perspective on this situation.

Change your diet

I always recommend to my patients that they have a complete and balanced diet, in order to benefit their general health. But this also greatly influences their sexual plane. This is especially true if invigorating foods are incorporated which have been shown to have a direct benefit in sexual function.

That is why it is good to incorporate foods such as pomegranates, Peruvian maca, red ginseng, saffron, oysters and sarsaparilla to your meals. Investigate which herbs can help you and do not be afraid to try them. They can be a good support for overcoming premature ejaculation.

Control stress

Many students have shown that much of the problem comes from the mind. It also originates in the stress you suffer from daily worries. That is why it is vital for you to seek to calm down and increase your ability to focus. Create a way to lower your anxiety by listening to music or doing yoga. In many men this made a difference.

Consulting professionals

If there are no physical problems that are causing this problem, what follows is: to seek help from professionals who can help you control all other factors that affect your sexual performance. Consult with your partner to go to a doctor, who can help you develop techniques to control premature ejaculation. May possibly suggest:

  • Pelvic Muscle Training Exercises
  • Positions that help control erection
  • Techniques to regulate the rate of excitation
  • Ways to prolong previous games
  • Application of delayed ejaculation techniques

Besides these techniques, the medical expert can also prescribe you a supplement like Testoultra, who can help along with this problem.

It is important that you be able to talk to your sexual partner about it, and be honest about what can help you control your erection by having sex. Do not be ashamed to communicate with the professional who is treating you.

Move step by step, without pressure

While going through this situation is not auspicious, it is important to ward off the pressures and have spontaneous sex. Affection and mutual understanding should be the rule for overcoming premature ejaculation. You should also review all your preconceived beliefs about what a sexual encounter should be, and that may possibly be affecting you mentally. Human sexuality is not just the moment of intercourse.

It must be mutual play, whose course begins in the mind and then is expressed in bodily sensations. It requires an open mind, disinhibition and mutual expression of attention.