Hair loss can have different reasons and levels of intensity, this is determined by the factors that cause it and how long it has been suffered. The percentage of men suffering from baldness is 60% higher than that of women. But for aesthetic and taboo reasons, women are the ones who suffer the most from this problem.

Causes of Hair Loss

There are so many reasons for this condition that it can often be misleading, that is why it is recommended to see a specialist to remedy the problem. From stress to hereditary disorders, these are the main and most common hair loss causes:

  • Stress: It may not be noticeable, but the brain can handle a certain amount of stress. When it exceeds excessive levels, it begins to secrete hormones that can cause hair loss.
  • Medications: Some medications can alter the hormonal balance of your body, and thus cause alopecia.
  • Hereditary patterns: When it comes to an inheritance factor, it can be androgenic alopecia and other types of inherited baldness.
  • Malnutrition: Lack of nutrients weakens the hair, making it fall out more easily.
  • Fungi: A fungal infection of the scalp immediately weakens and reduces the growth of new hair.
  • Pregnancy: Hair loss due to hormones produced by pregnancy can occur during pregnancy or months after giving birth. Pregnancy causes multiple hormonal changes, which can lead to these types of reactions.
    Combing the hair with great strength and wearing very tight hairstyles weakens the scalp and makes it easier to fall out.
  • Chemical agents: Abuse of cosmetic chemicals can seriously damage the scalp.
  • Drug use.

Hair loss treatments

Just as there are different hair loss causes, there are many treatments to stop it. Not all are free of side effects, nor are they 100% effective. The effectiveness of these treatments will depend on the level of damage to the scalp and hair follicle.

It also varies according to the type of baldness, its cause and how long it has been affecting the patient.

Traditional and more effective treatments

It’s time to stop hair loss so that our hair looks healthy and abundant. There are treatments that have a considerable level of effectiveness, which in many cases can actually solve the problem:

  • Mesotherapy: These are subcutaneous injections in the scalp, which are loaded with different substances that stimulate the growth of new hair. The most commonly used are biotin, monoxidillo and different amino acids. The number of sessions varies according to each patient’s needs, but is usually between 8 and 10 sessions.
  • Hair transplant: This option is recommended if non-invasive methods have not worked. It’s about hair transplantation, strand by strand. It can be very effective, but the risk of the body rejecting the transplant is quite high.
  • Follicle Rx: It is an oral treatment highly recommended by specialists, it works from the inside out. It is responsible for stimulating hair growth from the root.
  • Laser treatments: These treatments stimulate the blood flow in the scalp, so that hair growth can be guaranteed.

How to prevent hair loss

Baldness can be prevented by avoiding bad habits or things that can gradually damage your scalp and weaken the hair strands. Not everyone takes proper care of their hair, which is the main reason for its weakening and potential hair loss.

Some of the recommendations that the specialists mention, to avoid future hair loss, are the following:

  • Eating foods high in iron: This will strengthen your nervous system and keep your hemoglobin high. Therefore, there will be less chance of hormonal imbalances causing hair loss.
  • Know your hair type and treat it properly: If your hair is oily, you need products to help balance the production of bait. If it is very dry, you will need constant moisturizing and hydration.
  • Protect your head from the sun: The sun ages the skin, and the skin of the scalp is very delicate. If you go to the beach, try to cover your head at all times.
  • Take vitamins and minerals: Zinc, Biotin, Vitamin C, B Vitamin group, and folic acid. These are the main vitamins and minerals you should consume to have healthy hair and avoid hair loss due to breakage. You can take them all in a single supplement like FollicleRx, recommended earlier in this article.

Consultation with a physician

As mentioned earlier in this article on alopecia, if you experience hair loss, either chronic or mild, you need to see a specialist who can prescribe the right treatment for you. Otherwise, you run the risk of making the situation worse.

Hair loss is completely curable and curable above all, it only requires proper treatment and balanced nutrition. You’ll also have to live a stress-free life, so all this will guarantee you the spectacular hair you so much want to have.